1.  What is the Electronic Grievance System (EGS)?
A.  The EGS is the custom built web-based grievance tracking and management software for the American Postal Workers Union (APWU).  It is 100% web-based and the end-users do not have to install any software to access their EGS.  All user access and updates are deployed via the Internet.

2.  How can my local get involved in EGS?
A.  Simply sign up on homepage to participate (your President and/or Administrator must approve participation).

3.  What is the requirement for my computer or local's computer for the EGS?
A.  A device with Internet Access (i.e. computer, smartphone, or tablet).

4.  What do you mean by Administrator and how many levels of access does the EGS have? 
A.  The Administrator is an individual(s) at your local that has initial control of the system in terms of setting up new users and introducing the EGS to users.  There are 4 levels of access built into your EGS (Admins, Office Admins, Stewards, and Read-Only Users). 

5. Can other locals or the National access our system?
A.  No, only you have access to your system. 

6.  How is our local's data secured and backed up? 
A.  Your EGS data is secured via SSL encryption similar to your online bank account.  All data is on a continues back-up rotation which means a virtual mirror duplicates your system continuously via the "cloud".  You do not have to back up data locally with your grievance data secured via the web.  However, if a local back up of your data is needed, that can be provided.

7.  Will each local's user name and password be auto generated?

A.  No, each administrator will be given a User ID which he/she can then login and reset and set up their own password.  Next, that admin will give each user a User ID and each user will have complete autonomy to set up his/her own unique password.

8.  How can I train my officers and stewards on how to use the EGS? 

A.  Within the system, there is an "Important Links" menu option and within that link you will find a document entitled "EGS User Guide".  Please use that as your reference for training.  Also, there are video tutorials available for training and they will be released onto the site as they are complete.  Custom online training with APWUegs support can also be scheduled for your staff.  Just call us or email to set it up.

9.  How many administrators can each local have? 

A.  It is advised that each local have only 1-2 Administrators to oversee the system.  However, each local can have multiple admins.

10.  Is there a maximum storage space for locals?
A.  No.  There is no maximum storage capacity limit for your EGS data and documents.  You may store as much as you need to store.

11.  Can a member log in to view his or her own grievance?
A.  No.  The members do not have access at this time to EGS.  They will need to contact their Steward and/or Administrator to stay up to speed with their grievance.

12.  Is the USPS on board with EGS?
A.  Yes, the USPS has approved email sent from the EGS system for Step 3 and Direct Appeals.  Do not attempt to submit any of your grievances from your personal email addresses to the designated USPS or Appeal Email addresses.  The USPS accepts grievance appeal directly from the EGS Email Sender. 

13.  How do I add a new grievance?
A.  Login to EGS.  On the left navigation menu, under Grievance, click Add.  Follow the steps.  It is really that simple.  Always remember to click Save!

14.  How do I use the search feature of the EGS?
A.  Your EGS search feature is really important.  It will help you find current cases you are working on and it helps you run reports to Export to Excel.  To use search, under Grievance on the left navigation menu, click Search, complete any combination of the search criteria, click Find.

15.  How do I attach a document into a grievance file?
A.  Once you open a grievance using the search feature, or create a new grievance, you will see a menu option on the left of your screen titled "Documents".  Click that menu option and simply attach all documents directly from the computer you are working on.  This includes all your scanned documents, PDF, Word, Excel or any other major file type.  It works very similar to attaching documents when you email.  You simply search, find, and upload. 

16.  How do I Email my Step 1, 2, 3 and any and all documents and grievances?
A.  Once you have a grievance open, on the left navigation menu, click "Email Moving Papers".  Complete the required fields of the email including setting the date to send.  At the top of the email screen, you will select the Steps and/or documents you want to send.  You can either Select All, or simply place a check mark next to only those documents you need to send.  If you have several documents to send, it is a good idea to send a few emails so that it doesn't overload the system or the inbox of the receivers with too many documents at once.

17.  How do I confirm the delivery of an Email grievance?
A.  It is always a good idea to CC (carbon copy) yourself or the local union on every email that is sent from the system.  If you receive, then you know it was sent to all other parties as well.  Also, there is an Emails Report built into EGS.  The Admins can view the Emails Report, to see all emails that were sent and the exact date/time they were sent from the EGS.

18.  Is there a limit to how much one can write in the background field on Step 1 or 2 forms?
A.  No, there is no limit as to how much you can write.